2nd International Summer School (Pavia, Lombardy, Italy)

2nd International Summer School (Pavia, Lombardy, Italy) 02-06/07/2018

Natural Hazards and related Sediment Dynamics on Catchment Scale


The 2nd international Summer School was focused on the assessment of active natural hazards in the Oltrepo and upper Val Tidone area.




Soil erosion and mass movement processes were analysed and the sediment pathways routing with the related sediments into the river network were studied. Innovative techniques including proximal (PS) and remote sensing (RS) as well as non-invasive ground techniques were illustrated in order to quantify soil and substrate characteristics. Moreover, advanced techniques to trace and measure suspended sediments and bedload transport were shown. The obtained data will be processed and used as input information for stochastics and physically based computer simulation models.

Michael Maerker, Luisa Pellegrini, Pier Luigi Vercesi, Francesco Zucca, Patrizio Torrese, Alberto Bosino, Claudia Meisina (UniPV), Michal Habl, Dawid Szatten (Uni Bydgoszcz, Poland), Ulrike Hardenbicker (Uni Regina, Canada), Vit Vilimeck (Uni Prague, Czech Republic), Reza Zakerinejad (Uni Isfahan, Iran), Geraldine Queneherve (Uni Tübingen, Germany), Elmar Schmaltz (BAG Vienna, Austria), Ivano Rellini (Uni Genova, Italy).